Test programs

The test example programs are intended for testing your RFzero. However, since they are simple in their structure they can also be studied before your start writing your own programs.

The test programs include

  • A very simple BoardTest program that can be used to check your RFzero in case you are in doubt
  • An ChipManager program that can be used for accessing the EEPROM directly e.g. for resetting it
  • A simple program called Disable I2C user bus to disable the I2C bus by setting the SX1509, MCP23107 and PCF8574 addresses to zero
  • A program called SigGen SX1509 test to test the wire connections to and from the SX1509 as used by the signal generator
  • A signal test program called SigTest that can be used for RF testing the Si5351A in every possible way
  • A program called TFT designer to assist in designing the layout on graphical displays
  • A program called ucenter that is used to relay data to and from the GPS and the USB connector