Key datasheets

Atmel SAM D21G SMART ARM-based microcontroller

Microchip EEPROM 24LC08B

Si5351A and Si5351A programming guide

In the RFzero library the Feedback Multisynth Divider variables are named a, b and c, just like in the datasheet/programming guide. However, the Output Multisynth Divider variables are named d, e and f instead of a, b and c.

T1 Coilcraft PWB-2-BLB and T1 Mini-Circuits ADP-2-1W+

The Coilcraft PWB-2-BLB transformer is the default T1 component.

u-blox NEO-7M and u-blox NEO-7M receiver description and protocol specification

ULN2803A Darlington transistor array