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If you have an online repository with RFzero code, webpage or pictures showing your use of your RFzero please feel free to contact us.


The EI0SIX beacon is QRV on 50,004 MHz from IO63VE using a RFzero driving a RA30H0608 power module delivering 30 W PA to a Par Electronics OA50 omni-directional horizontal antenna. The EI0SIX beacon is part of the Synchronized Beacon Project (SBP).

The EI0SIX 6 m beacon participating in the SBP. Picture courtesy Tony, EI7BMB.

See more about the EI0SIX beacon here.


From time to time OZ0RF operates a WSPR transmitter from JO65FS in the Greater Copenhagen area into a 1:9 UNUN connected to a 16,2 m longwire antenna. Sometimes the RFzero output is boosted to 27 dBm/500 mW. The actual location is nothing to brag about and a better locations will be investigated when time permits.

The RFzero as OZ0RF during the development of the WSPR transmitter example program. The picture shows the RFzero, LCD and low pass filter bank.

You can see the latest spots of OZ0RF on


Lars, OZ1BXM, is using his RFzero as a rock stable LNB GPSDO solution for his QO-100/Es’hail station.

The RFzero inside a box. Picture courtesy Lars, OZ1BXM.

You can see much more of the Rock Stable 10 GHz LNB solution here.


Jemtlands Radioamatörer, SK3JR, has since 4 January 2019 operated the SK3SIX beacon on 50,468 MHz transmitting 15 W using PI4 + CW + carrier. The beacon uses a RFzero and was built by Mikael, SA3AZK.

The RFzero and PA for SK3SIX during testing. Picture courtesy Mikael, SA3AZK.


My WSPRmulti 20 x 4 LCD layout and rotary encoders allows me to select a pre-programmed WSPR frequency and multiplication factor on any of the 14 bands from VLF to 23 cm.

This screen contains all the necessary info to make a standalone beacon/signal source. I also integrated the GPS antenna on top.

A very useful package!

Warren’s, WA8TOD, super WSPR multiplied transmitter. Picture courtesy Warren, WA8TOD.

Warren, WA8TOD, has connected his RFzero to an ADF4351 using the RFzero as a 25 MHz GPSDO. This way Warren can make any frequency from 2605 Hz to 4,4 GHz. This is done in two steps: up to 200 MHz using the RFzero and above using the ADF4351.

Warren’s, WA8TOD, way to cut any frequency from 2605 Hz to 4,4 GHz for 100 USD. Picture courtesy Warren, WA8TOD.

The RFzero boxed (right) next to Warren’s ADF4351 board (left). Picture courtesy Warren, WA8TOD.