One of the very good things about Arduino is the abundance of code developed by others and the number of examples provided. RFzero is no different. If you have installed the RFzero library you have also integrated the examples tailored for the RFzero platform. You can find the examples from the Arduino IDE select Menu | File | Examples | Examples for RFzero.

The RFzero examples have all been written with simplicity in mind thus making them perfect for your own modifications that will fit your requirements. You can also study them and let them inspire you to write your own code from scratch.

The examples include

There is also some a basic hardware check program called BoardTest that can be used for troubleshooting your RFzero if you later on think there may be something wrong with your RFzero.

If you are looking for some generic examples please see the tutorials where we have added some minimum code for a number of stand alone hardware devices and protocols. They are not specific for the RFzero but can also be used for the Arduino Zero and Arduino M0 boards.