Arduino resources

Below are a number of Arduino resources that may be useful if you want to dive into writing or modifying code for your RFzero. If you only want to load and use one of the example programs, e.g. for operating a beacon, you don’t need to know anything about Arduino or writing code.

Arduino references

The Arduino homepage

The Arduino language reference

The Arduino forum and the Arduino Zero forum, keep in mind that the RFzero is by and large an Arduino Zero with GPS and RF. Thus, if you are looking for something that is very Arduino related it might be an idea to see if someone has solved it for the Arduino Zero.

Arduino tutorial for absolute beginners

Video tutorials

The Programming Electronics Academy Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners

The Programming Electronics Academy How to set up an Arduino Library

Books and e-books

Arduino Cookbook, O’Reilly

Arduino for Dummies, John Wiley & Sons

Arduino for Ham Radio, ARRL